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A U R A L - D Y S F U N C T I O N

Aural Dysfunction : Music and Noise

Laut und Deutlich (Kai Waindinger)
Mink&Smart (Dieter Pütz & Kristian Blume)
That was Dieter and I doing a music session similar to a dj-battle, but very relaxed....
Mink (Kai & Kris & Tanja & Florian)
We have to go to Baghdad Secretary
The idea is that a crowd of people sit on some beach somewhere where its warm and cosy. They are talking, drinking, relaxing and having a good time. It is the time of the sundown, all colours turn into different tones of yellow brown red and orange. A portable tv set, powered by a car battery is playing in the background. Only some people see what is shown there, the cnn live transmission of the first bombing of baghdad of the last war in iraq
Romeo & Julia
When we were recording some tracks in Freiburg /i know deep purple went to montreux/ we all went to a bar after the work, to calm down and relax. On the table next to us sat two people, a boy and a girl, oppsite to each other, looking in their eyes and filled up with hormons until these dripped out of their ears. We started discussing what would happen next. They will leave, at the door of the bar they will say goodbye and, when they are home both each one will ask himself, "something went wrong, but how ?" and go to bed alone. Another Idea was they avoid the first pitfall, he is taking her home and at her door they will say goodbye. He will be standing in front of her closed door and place the same question as before "something went wrong, but how ?"
Mink Solo(Kris)
Kell blafasel
When i wrote this song i was in a quite abiguous situation, about to lose my job, but not being able to be nervous about the future, summer, feeling well, trouble with some good friends, having met a very sweet girl, not knowing whether this can be taken serious..... So what started as an attempt to arrange a "classical" string quarted became something completely unplanned and created an energy on its own.
JotWee (arr. Kris)
NightFlight blafasel

Music and Noise